Why Positioning is a Key For Success of Your Digital Product

Although the market is crowded with a number of brands that enthusiastically promote their digital products, it is not difficult to prove yourself from the rest of the crowd. However, this is possible only when you can comprehend the importance of product positioning – the art of synchronizing your marketing message with the aspirations, thoughts, and beliefs of the particular type of customers. These are the customers whom you have a guarantee that you can serve them better than anyone else. Positioning is a way to make yourself observable and apparent as the kind of business these customers would naturally be engrossed to.  

Positioning is a strategy that every brand uses. Everyone claims #1 pricing and #1 services. These are just hollow and pointless nonsense. Everyone can and do make these claims. So, what is the way out of such situation where everybody in the same industry says the same thing?

In such a situation, customers, the most important success-determining factor, become so confused and puzzled that they do not know how to compare two brands offering the same type of product. Thus, they make their decision entirely based on price.  Especially, when it comes to the digital products. The market is flooded with a number of brands that the customers get driven away from, due to the price factor.

Customers do not search for the actual product that can best meet their needs, but  almost each and every brand in the same industry loses their actual present sales target. So, the final question comes how to differentiate your own brand?

As we said positioning is not a hard nut to crack, but its the way you crack the nut that determines your success. This is because if you do it differently, you will feel the difference in the judgment and perception of your customers. Therefore, price is not the only factor that contemplates the customers decision of purchasing a product, but it is the value of the product that acts as the most important decisive factor. 

So, if they buy a cheaper product, it is not the price that is responsible for this purchase but it is you only. How? That is because you were not able to express and reveal the actual value of your product.

No matter what you have to offer, music files, e-books, or any other downloadable material, product positioning is an indispensable part of marketing and sales success. Whenever it comes to the digital product, customers are very much feature-leaning. This means you cannot expect retailing if your product has no features or advantages to offer. Think what problems your product can solve. List out all its benefits and be sure that these advantages and features are heard properly in the digital marketplace. The look and feel and ease-of-use are the most important tools for positioning the digital product because no matter how much efforts and exertion you put into the marketing and selling of the product, it is only the difference in the marketing style that gets paid off.

But the most important thing, listen and understand the requirements of the customers. Better position the product as per your customers, rather than doing it for your ease. Follow this initial strategy to achieve success of the digital product as a good beginning and half the work is done. Position your product into the highly flooded digital marketplace with a effortlessness yet specificity that can signify the smartness and intelligence of your brand and differentiate it from the crowd. This will help you in achieving a consistent success.