What’s The Difference Between Conventional Marketing Vs Internet Marketing?

The traditional or conventional marketing is generally what is referred to as a “push process”, whereby you are literally pushing your marketing materials to the targeted market, through the use of Radios, Televisions, Exhibitions, direct mail, brochures etc. In a nutshell, the rationale behind broadcasting is to bit by bit prod the consumer to have a bite at what you are marketing.

Internet marketing is quite different and is generally called a pull procedure. The meaning to this is that the person searching the websites for your service or product is in a ready to buy mode or at least they are searching for a future buy. They are gathering information with the aim of buying instantly or later.

Unless you are a well known brand, the likely hood of a person entering the website address or URL that contains your product correctly is very slim. They will make use of the popular search engines to do a search of your product.

This being the case, you actually have to market the search engines that contain links to your product, and in turn, the engine will point the searcher to your product. When a buyer engages the search engines, there are some multi- faceted rules, called algorithms that measure your worthiness for being recommended to the specific site. The algorithms are a closely guarded secret, though they are periodically changed. The site administrators alter them for one reason or the other; for example, a change of reputation on a certain search engine, therefore changing the customers willingness to use them again, and later recommend them to their friends. It is down to search engines to provide the searcher with better and more relevant search results, thus the importance of a good reputation.

A person must consistently create an internet marketing strategy that will make the net work for them. When it comes to internet marketing, a website must include a functional content management system that can allow you to routinely do automatic updates. There is nothing that motivates customers to make new purchase, than a well designed and regularly updated website that contains all the information that can aid them to make a well informed purchase.

There are numerous and effective marketing programs on the net, and before you choose one, identify your target audience. The customers mostly use keyword to assist in what they are searching. Making sure your website is listed with popular search engine like Yahoo, Google, MSN, etc helps in your marketing endeavors. The listings are normally free, though you can pay for prominent advertisements.

Lastly, the single most important difference between conventional and internet marketing is the ease at which information reaches the targeted audience. With internet marketing the information reaches the audience in seconds while with the traditional marketing it delays. Internet marketing keeps your marketing overheads low. Although internet marketing is more effective, both methods must work side by side to reach the targeted market.