Finding Your Tribe of Like-Minded Women Using Online Methods to Meet Off-Line For Social Networking

Have you ever felt like you are alone in your world?
Are you the only person in your circle of friends that you know, that is passionate about something in particular?
Are you feeling like you are a bit different to the people that you know around you?
Are you an inspired creative female entrepreneur wanting to meet other women in business who are creating successful businesses and making a good income from living their passions?

If you can answer “yes” to any of the above then you are probably looking for a social networking group for women, women only club or a women only hobby circle.

These special groups are starting up in so many different areas of interest. Finding your tribe is now so easy with the internet. You can search Google and find a tribe that you would like to join and network, learn and socialise with like-minded people like you on a weekly or monthly basis. The members of these groups join them because they are seeking their tribe to feel a sense of belonging and growing together.

Female networking groups are popping up all over the UK and it is estimated that there are approximately 700 female only groups in the UK alone. If you have been feeling alone and have been wanting to share your passions or hobbies with like-minded people in your local area and have not yet found a group that sounds like your tribe then keep looking. If you still cannot find one, then perhaps you could set one up. They are easy to set up and there are some easy tools that you can use to attract people to your group using online methods to build a relationship, start a dialogue and then you can make arrangements to meet off-line in a cafe, restaurant or club to socialise and network.

With the downturn in the British economy there are so many women that are seeking some financial stability and if they are made redundant they turn to other ways of making money to be financially secure. This is also when women start seeking out their tribes. Women want to be around other women that they feel some synergy towards. Often when changing careers or being made redundant appears to be a time when women start reflecting on their passions, personal skills and interests to start generating an income and then starting a business.

Finding your tribe on the internet and being welcomed into a group where women want to help each other grow and develop as well as the opportunity to network with each other is a great formula for a great networking group. The ability to have some great coaching by founder of the group and other inspirational guest speakers at monthly events is a great way to feel that you are in the right place. If you have ever wondered where such people hang out and you are ready to get out there and make some long lasting relationships and contacts, then I urge you to start seeking out your tribe today. Follow your passion and take some action to do something that will make a difference in your life.

If after doing a lot of research to find your tribe without any success you can always set one up, which is what I did. I started my own online/offline networking group for female entrepreneurs and it has grown from strength to strength. You get a great sense of purpose every day by providing exactly what your tribe wants. Do your research and aim to deliver everything that you can and more, you will get great enjoyment out of leading and supporting the group. The secret is provide a great place for women to feel comfortable to be meet other women just like them with the same common goal or interest.

Women only business networking groups are very popular at the moment and is also a growing area. As women seem to share the same business ethos and etiquette when it comes to business networking in a feminine way which is just what women want. A lot of people are baffled why there are so many women only networking groups out there at the moment. The women that I have networked with have all preferred networking for business at women only events because they have identified that women communicate differently.

Women really want to be understood and when that happens a meeting of minds, wills and energy occurs. This makes the whole networking experience more likely to produce the results that everyone wants or desires, thus creating win-win solution for both parties.

Finding your tribe is no easy task. Although once you embark upon your quest to find your tribe, you are likely to find your tribe of people doing exactly what you are doing or want to do.

So, take action and start seeking out your tribe today. Whether you are into knitting, scrap booking, baking cakes, cycling, salsa dancing, starting a business or internet marketing. I guarantee you are just a few clicks away. If you know how to use a computer the resources are all there for you to find your tribe today. All you need to do is keyword search networking groups for your passion, interest or hobby, enter your location and watch the search results come up on your screen as if like magic. Always check the comments on the group website to see if there are comments from its members giving feedback about the group and its events to get a feel for the type of people that attend events. Go to a couple of events and prepare to be educated, empowered and enriched by the experience. Above all else make sure you have lots of fun with your tribe.