Fashionable Sportswear

Sportswear is a firm favourite of many young men. In recent years, we may have come to associate fashion sportswear as a new phenomenon, however, it has been a popular style of clothing for more than 60 years, particularly in the US and the UK. Indeed, it is possible to chart the evolution of sportswear as fashion, simply by considering on the iconic logos that have peppered our clothes over the last 6 decades. In the in the 1950s, the Dunlop brand were particularly popular, during the 1960s it was the Puma brand, the 1970s and 80s loved Nike, the 1990s it was Fila, Umbro, and Kappa, and during the 00s, it was all of the above. However, amongst all these famous brands, there has always been one sportswear manufacturer that has always remained in fashion: Adidas.

As a brand, Adidas is innovative, and it is through innovation that they manage to remain popular throughout the years. They understand changing fashion tastes, and never get stuck in a fashion rut, they change their styles to match contemporary sensibilities, and it is for this reason, that they prove to be the most popular brand of sportswear, at least when it comes to fashion. For instance, Adidas realises that the youth of today love the retro look, and for this reason, they have rereleased lines from the 60s, 70s, and 80s, e.g. the Adidas Beckenbauer Track Top, which first appeared in 1982, but which Adidas released again recently.

Although sportswear is popular amongst the younger generations, the wearing of such clothes does carry certain connotations in the minds of some individuals. Some people believe that the wearing of sportswear is symbolic of a hooligan culture, what many people refer to as ‘chav’.

However, this is simply not the case, taking the example of the Adidas Beckenbauer Track Top, it is possible to create a fantastic look, that is stylish, modern, sophisticated, and which bears no resemblance to the stereotypical ‘chav’.

Starting with the shoes, buy a pair of retro trainers in suede or leather, make sure that they are either brown or black, not only are these colours part of the retro look, they also distance the wearer from the more common white coloured trainers. Next, chose a pair of straight-cut jeans, in a dark stonewash colour, opt for the distressed denim look in order to add a little flair to the outfit. Then, select a plain t-shirt, in a block colour, white is preferable, but black will do too. After this, it is time to choose the Adidas Beckenbauer Track top that suits you best. They come in a variety of colours, and are frequently two-toned; they will add a splash of colour to your outfit, and look great too. You can choose between a modern take-up of the original 1982 track tops, or you can opt for the original track top colours, either one is good. Finish the look by sporting a retro shoulder bag. The complete look has a student feel to it, and looks fantastic – no chavness at all.