Business Logo, Branding & Marketing Materials

Your business logo should work for you. It should make you stand out against the competition and portray your company as strong, unique and capable. Take a moment and think about all the major and successful companies in the world…what they all have in common is an original and one of a kind logo.

No two companies are exactly alike and so your business logo should be distinct and individual to your business. While there may be a thousand competitors in your field, the only way to stand out is to brand a unique identity of your business.

The great thing about branding your business is that you have complete control of your message. On the other hand, you have no way of controlling what customers and the public think, see or say about your company. While you can control the message, you cannot control others reactions.

In order to brand a positive image of your business, you need to resign yourself to the fact that you cannot do everything on your own. Many small business owners have problems with letting others take control and let them do what they do best. One of these tasks is the design of a company website, logo and marketing materials.

A professional and experienced logo design firm will be able to provide you with a consistent feel and look to your company. Your website, logo and other materials should all be homogenous.

Decide if you want a traditional logo or a logotype. A traditional logo is an icon and can add a unique and richness to the meaning of your company. A traditional logo may be more work for the designer and does require more creativity and thought than a logotype.

A logotype is a scripted (words) logo. While many companies do rely on a traditional logo, some of the most successful companies maintain scripted logos that have been around for centuries.

If you are considering a logo design with your website built into the logo, think long and hard before you make this choice. While you’re logo may lead some to your website, you have to be sure that your website is up to par and is consistent with your logo. If for whatever reason your website changes and you want to expand, you may be stuck with a logo that you cannot use.

When you decide to have a logo designed, it is important to figure out what your needs are. Full logo icons typically take longer to develop and can be more costly than scripted logos. If the designer has suggestions, take them to heart. Logo designers are professionals and they design for a living. If they mention that your logo idea may seem like a bit of a cliché, (i.e., you run an automotive repair shop and use a wrench as your logo) then take their advice.

Company branding is a process and cannot be done overnight. While developing your company’s message may take some time, your company logo and marketing materials should be ready to go as soon you open your doors to the public. Your logo and image is the very first impression many customers will see, so set yourself apart from others to ensure your continued success.