Blended Futures of Aging & Business Innovation

Communications and comfort large (Nasdaq: RIMM) RIM, the maker of the ubiquitous Blackberry, sees a amount of defining traits in advance. These mirror the themes of my individual research and are cornerstones of the MIT AgeLab

Motley Fool’s Dan Dzombak January 26 report, “4 Critical Tendencies RIM’s Futurist Foresees,” experiences on a speak provided by RIM’s Supervisor of Innovation & Engineering Futurist, Joseph Dvorak, PhD. Dr Dvorak identifies 4 tendencies impacting the foreseeable future of the good mobile phone:

(1) Ageing earth: the median age on the planet in 2000 was 26, by mid-century it will be 36 and the amount of people today in excess of 60 will triple — to practically two billion individuals

(2) Connectivity: sensible phones, other equipment and wireless providers will blur exercise, put, and drive developments we previously see in social media and interaction

(3) Empowered shoppers: People will continue on to undertake instruments that support them keep an eye on and control their romance with businesses, e.g., social media that advises on almost everything from cafe possibilities, to monetary solutions, to ‘hey, where’s my package?’

(4)’Values’ acquiring (e.g., inexperienced consumers). Values purchasing is not just for young ones. Exactly where there is a increase in ‘color causes’ (my phrase) — shopping for eco-friendly, supporting pink, and aiding pink — aging toddler boomers are increasingly fascinated in their social impact and legacy. That is, ‘what am I contributing and what will I leave driving?’

Perception & Improvements

By yourself these developments are exciting and organization as well as government will have to be mindful of their possible influence on the long term. Even so, the long run of growing old and innovation is a mixing of these tendencies – not the extension of any a single.

What transpires when older shoppers are ubiquitously related, empowered and make obtain selections on values over and above expense and excellent? For instance, what may wi-fi-enabled wellbeing or caregiving expert services in the pocket of an growing old boomer seem like? Will ubiquitous computing electricity, social media, and benefit obtaining build virtual collaborative networks of assistance companies for sandwiched boomers nowadays and frail boomers tomorrow? Can you imagine the emergence of a 24/7 on-demand from customers, generally ‘visible’ on your good cellphone, green, transportation assistance for a social network of ‘friends?’

The enterprise opportunity is not to be simply just informed of these tendencies, but to blend them, envision competing realities and to see these alternate futures as motorists of solution and support innovation.