3 Tips to Use a Branding Iron the Right Way

Craftsman brand name their get the job done for identification purposes. In this write-up, we are heading to give you a couple recommendations on how to use a branding iron. Very first of all, it’s critical to note that the use of a branding iron is fairly straightforward. All you will need to do is warmth it up and press it onto the wood piece. This will depart a logo or signature on the piece. Nevertheless, troubles might occur, which may perhaps wreck your hard do the job. Let’s find out much more.

Complications of utilizing a Branding Iron

If you never use the stress evenly, the image will have some darker and lighter spots. It won’t develop a trouble in the circumstance of logos and signatures in some styles of do the job, but some employment will not likely be regarded full.

If you want to implement the branding freehand, we counsel that you set the picket piece at your workbench top, bending forward and using the pressure of your arms to hold the iron and conduct the branding.

Some people today favor a drill-press attachment. The rationale is that it permits you to continue to keep the piece at your eye stage and repeat the method as numerous situations as you want. Generally, it feels cozy as perfectly. Also, some woods give improved outcomes with distinctive degrees of heat. In most situations, more difficult wooden demands extra warmth than softer types. In this circumstance, you can keep the iron for a little bit additional time.


If you want to use a drill-press attachment, you can apply the iron after once again for a far better melt away. You must maintain the work piece in place and take a peek beneath the branding iron for greater results. If you notice that the piece needs a lot more heat, all you need to do is wait a minor for a longer time. In this case, you really don’t want to make the slip-up of going the wooden piece.


Because branding irons tend to get truly hot, you are extra most likely to burn up the piece. But there is an quick take care of. You can sand the piece primarily based on the stage of overburn.

Uneven Burns

It can be tricky to tackle uneven burns. If you have a jig or drill-push process, you can make essential changes in situation of an uneven burn. If you want to resolve it, an quick way out is to reapply the brand name. On the other hand, if the piece is flat, the same strategy can assist correct the trouble. The other element may well be overburned and it can be preset by sanding.

Finally, if you use branding irons, you will be in require of proper artwork, such as vector photographs. For this, you can get aid from a graphic designer.

In limited, we counsel that you follow these recommendations if you want to use your branding iron the ideal way.